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10 Million Steps for Cloudy

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Our son was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in August 2012. His name is Nik but we have always called him ‘Cloudy’. His diagnosis was a shock but not a surprise. He has always been slightly delayed in meeting any of his developmental ‘milestones’ but not enough to be really concerned. We always thought he was just slightly physically delayed combined with a severe speech delay. Luckily, an amazing physiotherapist at our speech camp in the summer of 2012 ‘caught’ him. She looked at our boy and put some things together. Within 2 months of her ‘flagging’ him we had a tentative diagnosis of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).

We are optimistic, however. We are living in a time when there are great advancements happening all the time. If Cloudy had been diagnosed 20 years ago there would be no hope of our son living a fulfilling life. Today, with the advancements that are occurring each day we hope to see our son graduate from high school and even have a meaningful social life. (To be honest, as his mother I am far more concerned about the second one.)
’10 Million Steps for Cloudy’ is our latest attempt to raise funds for Muscular Dystrophy research to help make sure that these advancements continue to help Cloudy and boys like him. Thank you for your support!