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Quest for the Cure: Episode Zero

A group of heroes is summoned forth to undertake a dangerous mission…but their benefactor is not at all whom they expected, and their quest is not at all what it appears.

Deep in a hostile territory, with no friends or allies to count on, their decisions will change will change the future for all of Toril.

A group of nerds got together and asked, “what if…”?

What if we could gather a squad of the best people, produce a show, find a community, and raise money for a cure to Duchenne muscular dystrophy?

Such a simple premise, “what if,” but its inspiration is the fuel that powers Quest for the Cure.

Quest for the Cure is a Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) web-series, where eminent D&D players get together to stream charity games online to raise contributions for Duchenne research. They hope that with every roll of the die, it’s one step closer to a cure. This live play D&D web-series has raised more than $10,000 raised in just three episodes and is becoming the “must-watch” D&D TV!

Next Game:  Sunday, February 28, 2021 | 3 p.m. EST / 12 p.m. PST

What: Episode Zero (Quest for the Cure prequel)

Who: Join Hope LaVelle, Tennessee Martin, Anthony from Talon & Claw, Feliza Casano, Velvet Valhalla, and Rachel Seeley

Where: Stream the game LIVE at

Meet the Cast:

Rachel Seeley

Rachel is an actress and sometimes player / sometimes Dungeon Master (DM) on the 5e show Girls Guts Glory. She returned as DM for Girls Guts Glory: Risen.
She has appeared in the #QuestfortheCure D&D actual play and appears in Cyberpunk: Independence, a Cyberpunk: RED actual play, as Billie the Kid, which premieres on March 7, 2021.

You can view her regular streams on her Twitch channel: and find her online @SunnySeeley.


Velvet Valhalla

Velvet is a Drag Entertainer, Podcaster, and cosplayer.

Velvet hosts the long-standing nerdlesque show, Peepshow TO, where she brings her life-long love of all things pop culture into distilled and entertaining rants. In recent months she has started an obsession with 3D printing to feed an unyielding desire for miniatures.


Anthony of Talon & Claw

A cool dude, he is; play games, he does. The owner of Talon & Claw (a D&D accessories shop featuring hand-processed wooden products such as DM screens, dice vaults, coasters and more) by day, and a Twitch streamer by night, Anthony is an active contributor to multiple charities including Jesse’s Journey and Jasper’s Game Day.

You can find him and the rest of his Twitch team at


Feliza Casano

Faliza is a former sci-fi/fantasy book reviewer, anime enthusiast, reformed aspiring scene kid, and the founder of Girls in Capes.
By day, she does real-life fixer work as the Marketing and Publicity Director at the independent publisher, Lanternfish Press. By night she cruises the hot zones as Alleycat in Cyberpunk: Independence, a Cyberpunk: RED actual play, premiering on March 7, 2021.

You can find her online at @FelizaCasano.


Tennessee Martin

Tenessee is a Southern screenwriter from a big family. She was at Starz as the Coordinator in Original Programming where she spearheaded the creation of the “Starz — Beyond Gender Casting Database” giving visibility to Trans and Non-Binary actors in the industry. Now, Tennessee serves as Coordinator for Carmi Zlotnik, Head of Operations at Apple TV+. Through her work, she hopes to inspire women and queer people to speak up and push back. She enjoys painting, camping, TTRPG training in Jiu-Jitsu, and telling punny “dad” jokes – though her only child is a succulent named Cash.


Hope LaVelle

Hope is a performer best known for her role as “Penelope Half-Pint” on the D&D Beyond shows ‘Beyond Heroes’ and ‘Silver and Steel’. She has been playing D&D for 15 years now, beginning her adventure in the 3.5 system. It’s Hope’s dream to spread positivity through entertainment; something she has been blessed to do for the D&D community for years now.


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