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Santhera and ReveraGen: Positive Topline Results with Vamorolone in VISION-DMD Study

Santhera and ReveraGen have announced positive topline results for vamorolone, a steroid alternative for individuals living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD).

Their pivotal VISION-DMD study in boys 4 to <7 years old demonstrated benefits across multiply timed tests compared to placebo (boys not on treatment) and similar benefits to individuals taking prednisone. Vamorolone also showed a favourable safety and tolerability profile, including less of the negative side effects generally associated with steroid treatment, such as delayed growth and weight gain, all significant concerns for families and individuals living with Duchenne.

Santhera will be working with regulatory agencies in the US and Europe to bring vamorolone to Duchenne patients. Jesse’s Journey continues to work with Santhera and ReveraGen to advocate for access in Canada.

Jesse’s Journey awarded Dr. Eric Hoffman and ReveraGen $1 million in 2020:

“Jesse’s Journey has provided the first seed funding of a new trial to expand testing (and hopefully eventual approval) of a broader age range of boys with DMD, including those that have been previously treated with corticosteroids,” said Eric Hoffman, CEO of ReveraGen. “The clinical trials of vamorolone to date have been only in 4 to <7 years DMD boys never previously treated with prednisone or deflazacort; the Jesse’s Journey funding holds the hope of expanding future access of vamorolone to a much broader group of boys.”

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“We thank all our Canadian families who have and continue to dedicate their time to participate in these studies. We continue to be very hopeful for what the future holds,” says Director of Research and Advocacy at Jesse’s Journey, Nicola Worsfold.

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